The Kitchen Witches (CRT)

August 17 – 27, The Kitchen Witches (CRT)
Pavilion at Dwyer Memorial Park, Little York. Regional premiere of the piping-hot comedy by Caroline Smith. Imagine Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray in a knockdown, drag-out Battle of the Cooking Stars! Isobel Lomax and Dolly Biddle are two low-budget cable-access cooking show hostesses who have hated each other for years, ever since Larry Biddle dated one and married the other. When circumstances put them together on a TV show called “The Kitchen Witches”, the insults are flung harder than the food. Dolly's son, who is also the TV show’s producer, tries to keep them on track, but it's a losing battle – especially when the show becomes a ratings smash! For more information call (607) 756-2627, email, or visit




Center for the Arts, Homer

August 26, Spaceship Days

8 pm, Center for the Arts, 72 S. Main St., Homer. Featuring Cortland Native and America's Got Talent finalist and Top 40 finisher on American Idol, Adam Decker! Spaceship Days blends digital guitar effects, full orchestration, timeless piano, acoustic solos, rich vocal harmonies, vivid mental images, and intricate mixing techniques to create songs that have mass appeal. General Admission $23.00, Senior (60+) $20.00, Student $18. For more information call (607) 749-4900, or visit

Courthouse Park

August 27, Cortland Comeback

11 am to 10 pm, Courthouse Park. We the Cortland and Homer Class of 1989 with all of the tragedy that has happened lately are inviting everyone to come to our FREE FUN FAMILY event. This year we will be focusing on heroin and other drug related deaths. In lieu of an admission fee we are asking each family to please donate a non perishable food item for the local food pantries. Be sure to like and join our Facebook page Cortland Comeback. Don't forget to bring your own lawn chair. For more information call (607) 662-4101, email or visit us on Facebook.


August 28, PorchFest Cortland

12 noon - 5 pm, Van Hoesen Street (closed to traffic). 20+ musical acts and performers have 40 minute sets on various porches throughout the Van Hoesen Street neighborhood! Bring a lawn chair or blanket and a picnic to sit and enjoy. Free crafts and games for kids of all ages. This event is free! There will be opportunities to make donations to the Cortland Youth Bureau to support their music program and play ground equipment initiatives. Open container laws still apply even though there's a street closure. For more information visit PorchFest Cortland on Facebook.

Cortland City Seal

City of Cortland Free Tree Program

In previous years, applications for the City’s free tree planting program were accepted in the spring of the year in which the trees were planted. NEW THIS YEAR - The City will be soliciting applications THIS FALL for trees to be planted in the spring of 2017. The change in process will allow the City to better administer the Program. More information about the Tree Program, an on-line application, and pictures of the tree species for 2017 will be available soon. Please note that the City will NOT be soliciting applications in the spring of 2017; so if you want to be considered for the Program, please check back soon and often.

Cortland City Seal

City of Cortland Small Business Assistance

Do you want to open a small business? Do you need to expand your small business? This may be your chance to be in business for yourself! The City of Cortland will be applying for NYS funding for a city-wide Microenterprise Program to assist small businesses with five or fewer employees, including the owners. For more information contact Laura Meagley at Thoma Development Consultants immediately at (607) 753-1433 or download guidelines and pre-application. The city must apply for this opportunity to assist small businesses no later than July 29. Act soon so this opportunity doesn't expire!

Cortland City Seal

HOME Program Funds Available

NEW FOR 2016 – The City of Cortland was awarded $304,000 from New York State to administer a new HOME Program in the City.  Home funds will be used for the rehabilitation of single-family homes in the City that are owned and occupied by low-to-moderate income persons. READ MORE >>

Cortland City Seal

Income Property Program Funds Available

ATTENTION INCOME PROPERTY OWNERS - NEW FOR 2016 – The City of Cortland was awarded $400,000 to administer an Income Property Program in the City.   The funds will be used for the rehabilitation of substandard, one to three unit income properties in the City where at least 51% of the tenants are low-to-moderate in income. READ MORE >>

Emergency 911 Address

Can the City of Cortland Find You Quickly in an Emergency?

Emergency 911 Address & House Number

The following guidelines will assist you in correctly posting an emergency 911 address number. If you have a question in reference to posting your house number, call the Fire Station at 758-8380, or Code Enforcement at 753-1741.

1. The number shall be displayed in a location visible from the road on which the number is assigned, such as a mailbox easily identifiable from the street.

2. The number should be placed on the house or dwelling unit in an area immediately adjacent to the front door. Numbers must be readily visible from the street and the view of the numbers should not be blocked by trees or shrubs.

3. Numbers may be placed on a sign or post at the entrance to a right-of-way or shared driveway. If the sign serves multiple buildings, the address to each house or unit served by that right-of-way or shared driveway shall be affixed. If the house or unit is not visible from the point at which the individual driveway breaks from the right-of-way or shared driveway, the address number must also be posted on the house or dwelling or unit.

4. Numbers should be at least 4 inches high.

5. Numbers should be plain block numerals, not script or written numbers.

6. Numbers shall be set on a background or contrasting color, preferably white or black. It is recommended that a retro reflective material be used.

7. Do not place number on utility poles, road signs, or anywhere within the road right-of-way (except mailboxes).

8. Temporary display of addresses for new structures shall be maintained during construction.

If you receive your mail at a Post Office Box you must still post the Emergency 911 Address on your property so that it can be located by emergency vehicles.

Cortland City Seal

Energy ChallengeEnergy Challenge Program

The typical household in Central New York wastes about 30 percent of its energy consumption. The Challenge Team program is designed to reduce that energy waste.

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