Boards & Commissions

General Information for All Boards & Commissions

Members shall be resident electors of the City of Cortland. The terms for all members of boards and commissions shall be staggered so that new or reappointments are made each year and the numbers of members appointed each year are as close to equal as possible.

The adoption of any measure or resolution being voted upon by any City of Cortland board or commission shall require the affirmative vote of at least a majority of all the board or commission members present at a properly called meeting.
  1. Apply for City Commissions & Boards

    Access an online application or PDF application and apply to be on a board or commission.

  2. Board of Assessment Review

    There shall be a Board of Assessment Review to consist of five members appointed by the Council. It shall have all such powers prescribed by state law.

  3. Cable Commission

    The Cable Commission has powers including reviewing complaints and suggestions from citizens regarding cable television and recommend appropriate course of action to the Mayor and Common Council.

  4. Environmental Advisory Committee

    The Environmental Advisory Committee aid the Common Council's deliberations while considering policy actions that may have an impact on the environment.

  5. Ethics Board

    It is the duty of the Ethics Board to review all instances of possible violation of the Code of Ethics and, upon a majority vote of the whole, to make a written report of its review and recommendations to the Mayor and Common Council.

  6. Examining Board of Plumbers

    Access the minutes of past board meetings.

  7. Fire Commission

    View information about the power and duties of the Fire Commission, as well as prior meeting minutes.

  8. Historic / Architectural Review Board

    This committee works to develop guidance standards for all project subject to it jurisdiction.

  9. Landscape & Design Committee

    The Landscape and Design Committee studies, investigates, counsels and develops a plan for the care and preservation of trees and shrubs in the public places in Cortland.

  10. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission works to prepare, adopt and from time to time to revise a Comprehensive Master Plan for the development of the entire area of the City pursuant to this chapter.

  11. Police Commission

    Review the powers and duties of the Police Commission and agendas and minutes from past meetings.

  12. Public Works & Public Safety Commission

    This commission works with the mayor and superintendent on public works and public safety issues.

  13. Wastewater Treatment Board

    The Wastewater Treatment Board works with the Mayor and Town Council on issues regarding wastewater treatment.

  14. Water Advisory Board

    The Cortland Water Board provides water service to some 5,200 accounts with a population of 20,000 plus people.

  15. Youth Bureau Commission

    Access information about the Youth Bureau Commission in Cortland.

  16. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Check out the dates, location and times of Zoning Board of Appeals meetings and access minutes and agendas from past meetings.