Board of Assessment Review

Regular Meetings

Meeting will be held the third Wednesday after the fourth Thursday of May in the Mayor's Conference Room. Any changes in the above scheduled dates, and any designated special meetings, will be reported at the time called.

About the Board

There shall be a Board of Assessment Review to consist of 5 members appointed by the Council. Each member shall serve a term of 5 years without compensation unless the Common Council authorizes compensation for expenses. It shall have all such powers prescribed by state law.

General Information for All Boards & Commissions

Members shall be resident electors of the City of Cortland. The terms for all members of boards and commissions shall be staggered so that new or reappointments are made each year and the numbers of members appointed each year are as close to equal as possible.

The adoption of any measure or resolution being voted upon by any City of Cortland board or commission shall require the affirmative vote of at least a majority of all the board or commission members present at a properly called meeting.