Today's Economy

Cortland county is noted for the production of CNC milling machines; medical instruments and components; textiles; electrical components; plastic consumer goods; components for NASA and a variety of other goods and services. International exporting is an integral part of many of the corporations in the area.

The county's present reflects its past. Agri-business flourishes yet, consistent with the pattern elsewhere in New York State, the number of farms has declined while acreage per farm and yield per acre have increased. Continued growth in the service and light industry sectors is contributing to the growing strength of the Central New York region.

Higher Education

The proximity to major highways, a diverse workforce and the influx of technological research and other resources from nearby universities and colleges contribute to the economic strength and potential of the region. Cornell University, Syracuse University, SUNY Binghamton and Ithaca College are all within an easy 35 minute drive of the City of Cortland. In addition the State University College at Cortland and local Community Colleges contribute to the cultural and economic fabric of central New York.