Trees for Cortland

The City often is awarded funding from the New York State Department of Conservation (NYS DEC), which allows the City of Cortland to continue its annual Tree Planting Program. Under this Program, the City can plant a beautiful tree on your home or business property free of charge. Your tree(s) will be planted in the spring by the Cortland Department of Public Works and a certified arborist. The tree application and tree species photos will be available on this site once the City of Cortland hears of the awarded funding. For further information or to place your name on the mailing list, please call Diane Batzing,753-0146 (Landscape and Design Commission), or Linda Armstrong, 753-1433 (Thoma Development). 

Beautify your property and help provide the City of Cortland with the many benefits of trees!

Please see the attached Flyer to apply for a Tree

Underwire Trees 

'Sugar Cone Maple'           Maple Leaf Detail

American Hornbeam         Hornbeam Leaf