Trees for Cortland

All Cortland property owners are invited to apply for a beautiful tree, to be planted at no expense by the City, in May 2019.  Click on the 2020 City Tree Flyer link to view details of this years New York State Department of Environmental Conservation(NYS DEC) or National Grid 10,000 trees and growing funded opportunity.

View photos of this year's tree selections below.

Click on the On-Line Tree Application link to apply now, or call Diane Batzing, 607-753-0146 (Landscape and Design Commission) or Linda Armstrong, 607-753-1433 (Thoma Development) for further information. 

Underwire Trees 

Imperial Locust: Rounded 35' in height, 35' in spread, with small leaflets.

Imperial Honey locust    Imperial Honey locust leaf

American Hornbeam: 30' in height, 25' in spread. Hearty native species that tolerates shade.

American Hornbeam     American Hornbeam Leaf

Robin Hill Serviceberry: 20' in height, 12' in spread. Small street tree with a full, neatly shaped crown.  

 Serviceberry Robin Hill    Serviceberry Robin Hill Flower     Serviceberry Robin Hill Leaf

Tall Trees

Hackberry Magnifica: 50' in height, 40' in spread. As it ages, the crown form is similar to the American Elm.

Hackberry Magnifica      Hackberry Magnifica Leaf

Triumph Elm: 55' in height, 45' in spread. This has dark green foliage with a symmetrical form.

Triumph Elm Tree           Triumph Elm Leaf

State Street Miyabei Maple: 45' in height, 30' in spread. A great medium-sized shade tree. 

State Street Miyabei Maple Tree           State Street Miyabei Maple Leaf