Community Development

City of Cortland Property Owners - FREE TREES!

The City of Cortland is pleased to offer a beautiful tree for your property’s right-of-way.

The City of Cortland’s Landscape and Design Commission (LDC) has chosen several species of street trees for planting under our annual Tree Program. The species of tree to be planted on your property will be determined by the LDC based on overhead and underground utilities, site conditions, tree availability, and your input. Tree choices can be viewed on the City website,, as of March 1, 2014. The City DPW will plant the trees without cost to you. You will be notified of the tree species and location prior to planting.

If you accept a tree, you must agree to maintain and care for the tree with regular watering. You must agree to not transplant, disturb, or harm your tree. Mulch may not touch the tree, and mowers or string trimmers must not nick the bark. Unfortunately, your tree cannot be guaranteed and may not be replaced if it does not survive.

The planting program will begin April 28, 2014.

Your City property and school taxes must be up to date.

For questions or further information please contact Diane at 753-0146 or Linda at 753-1433.

Applications are now closed for 2014.



Ivory Silk LilacIvory Silk Lilac


This is a very large shrub or small tree, reaching a height of about 20 to 30 feet with a 15-foot-spread. Huge clusters of creamy white flowers appear in early summer for about two weeks. Little pruning required.

Winter King HawthorneWinter King Hawthorne

Deciduous tree, 20-30 feet tall, with white flowers and purple or scarlet fall color.



Scarlet OakScarlet Oak

Deciduous tree, 70-75 ft tall with 40-50 ft spread. The glossy dark green leaves turn scarlet in fall for 3-4 weeks.



Ginkgo grows slowly to 75 feet or more tall. The tree is pest-free, resistant to storm damage, and casts light to moderate shade. It has vivid yellow fall color, but leaves fall quickly.

Sawtooth OakSawtooth Oak


Large, deciduous tree, 50 feet or taller with a rounded, broad shape. The leaves have small bristles at the edges. New spring leaves are an attractive bright yellow-green and fall color varies from dull yellow to brown. The trunk and bark of Sawtooth Oak are gray-brown and deeply furrowed.



Grows rapidly, 40 to 80 feet high. The bark is light gray, rough and corky. The small fruit turns from orange red to purple and is popular with birds.

Accolade Elm Accolade Elm


A deciduous tree with good resistance to Dutch Elm disease.