Dept. of Public Works (DPW)

Mandatory Recycling Guidelines for Curbside Pick-Up




TV’s, computers, dvd players, etc. must be dropped off at the recycle center, NOT put at the curb. See details.


Improperly prepared trash and/or recyclables WILL NOT be collected. A sticker explaining the particular problems will be left with the uncollected trash. Uncollected trash, recyclables and/or garbage that is not removed from curbside within 24 hours will subject the landowner to a possible fine plus the cost of having the materials picked up!


These are the holidays for the trash collectors which will cause collection to be delayed:

If/when the above holidays fall on Friday, Friday collection will be done on Thursday.

Important Contact Numbers:

Sanitary Sewer Issues and Contact Numbers:

If you are experiencing sanitary sewer issues you believe may be a direct result from a problem that is associated within the City’s main sewer lines, please call the DPW at 607-756-6221.  If after hours, please contact the City of Cortland Police Department at 607-758-8311 and they will direct your call to the proper agent.