Fire Department / Code Enforcement

Cortland Fire Department

Main Station: 21 Court St., Cortland

Headquarters: 756-5612
Fire Station 2: 753-7440
Fax: 758-8385

To report an emergency, Dial 911 or 756-5611

Fire Chief Office - 756-5613
Administrative calls - 756-5612
Code Enforcement - 753-1741
Plumbing Inspector - 753-1741


City of Cortland Fire Department web site


Cortland Fire HouseAdministration - 756-5612

Chief of Department: Charles S. Glover
Deputy Chief: Wayne Friedman
Deputy Chief: William Knickerbocker
Volunteer Deputy Chief: Bill Buttino
Volunteer First Assistant Chief: Rich Allen Sr.
Volunteer Second Assistant Chief: Charlie Sherman

Code Enforcement Division - 753-1741

General Inquiries: Administrative Aide Heidi Brown, (607) 753-1741 or email

Director of Code Enforcement/Plumbing Inspector: Deputy Chief William Knickerbocker

Report a Code Violation: Call 753-1741 or submit Residential Complaint or Code Violation Form. See Rental Housing Law (updated) and Rental Housing Information Packet.


Zoning/ Planning/ Flood Plain Division - 753-1741

Training Division - 758-8380

Municipal Training Officer: Captain Duane Pierce

Fire Prevention Division - 758-8388 Ext. 26

Captain Dave Jensen