Fire Department / Code Enforcement

Cortland Fire Department

Main Station: 21 Court St., Cortland

Headquarters: 756-5612
Fire Station 2: 753-7440
Fax: 758-8385

To report an emergency, Dial 911 or 756-5611

Fire Chief Office - 756-5613
Administrative calls - 756-5612
Code Enforcement - 753-1741
Plumbing Inspector - 753-1741


City of Cortland Fire Department web site


Cortland Fire HouseAdministration - 756-5612

Chief of Department: Charles S. Glover
Deputy Chief: Wayne Friedman
Deputy Chief: William Knickerbocker
Volunteer Deputy Chief: Bill Buttino
Volunteer First Assistant Chief: Rich Allen Sr.
Volunteer Second Assistant Chief: Charlie Sherman
Fire Department Administrative Assistant: Heidi Brown

Code Enforcement Division - 753-1741

General Inquiries: Administrative Aide Kim Reitano, (607) 753-1741

Director of Code Enforcement/Plumbing Inspector: Deputy Chief William Knickerbocker

Report a Code Violation: Call 753-1741 or submit Residential Complaint or Code Violation Form. See Rental Housing Law (updated) and Rental Housing Information Packet.


Vacant Building Placards

Any vacant or abandoned buildings or structures determined to be unsafe pursuant to Section 110 of this code relating to structural or interior hazards must be marked by placards on the front of the structure and on the side of each entrance. Placards are 24 inches square with a red background, and white reflective border and stripes. They bear the date of their application to the building and the date of the most recent inspection.

Vacant Building: Plain Red Vacant Building: Red with Slash Vacant Building: Red with X

Training Division - 758-8380

Municipal Training Officer: Captain Duane Pierce

Fire Prevention Division - 758-8388 Ext. 26

Captain Dave Jensen