Single-Family Rehab Program (HOME)

The City of Cortland was recently awarded $304,000 in HOME Program funds for the rehabilitation of substandard, single-family homes owned and occupied by income eligible persons in the City of Cortland. Income eligibility is based on gross annual household income according to the number of people that reside in the household (see table below). "Substandardness" will be determined by the City's Community Development Consultants, Thoma Development Consultants, the firm hired to administer these funds on behalf of the City. The HOME funds can be used for both interior and exterior rehabilitation and can address roofing, siding, foundations, plumbing, heating, electric, painting, code violations, and other problems that render the home "substandard."

Thoma is currently accepting applications from interested property owners. If you own and occupy a single-family home in the City, and your gross annual household income is less than the maximum amount noted for the size of your household, you can contact Thoma at 607-753-1433 for an application.

Maximum Qualifying Income by Household Size

Household Size
Maximum Qualifying Income
1 $34,550
2 $39,500
3 $44,450
4 $49,350
5 $53,300
6 $57,250
7 $61,200
8 $65,150